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Music and Songs

We write original songs, music, backing tracks and sheet music for bands, groups, solo performers, theatre groups, playwrights, TV and Film producers, Schools, Colleges or Corporate events. No project too large or small.

Music and Songs

How does it work?

The sky is literally the limit.  I’ve written songs and music in pretty much every genre you can think of.  Whatever your remit and whatever you know or don’t know about music, I’ll be able to come up with something appropriate from my back catalogue or write something new. Whether you’re a solo performer looking for a collection of original songs to record for a demo or perform live as part of your set or if you’re an independent film producer needing incidental music, I’ll be able to write, record and produce something suitable.  Check out the catalogue to see if there’s something that suits you already, or if you’ve got a tune in your head, I’ll help you make it into a song!  Why not send us a query to get the ball rolling?

What kind of music and songs can you write?

What if I don’t like what you’ve written?

Music is of course subjective.  I do have examples of the songs and music I’ve written in the past here but I always work very closely with my clients to produce exactly what they have in mind.  Whether you’re a musician yourself or a complete novice, I’ll make sure I understand exactly what you have in mind and that you’re happy with the arrangement before embarking on the project.

If the final product isn’t exactly what you had in mind, we’ll keep working on the project until it’s perfect.  There is no fee until you’re entirely happy with the outcome.  Also, if at any point you wish to cancel the agreement for any reason, there is no fee to pay.  A fee is only due once you have received all the materials promised in the original agreement (i.e. MP3 files, lyric sheets etc.)

What is my involvement?

All you have to do is fill in the webform telling me whether you need a song or some music.  Then let me know what the song or music is for.  A typical enquiry would be something like, ‘I am writing a Pantomime based on the story of Rapunzel and need a love song for the first act. It is sung by Rapunzel to the Prince’.  However, I get all kinds of weird and wonderful requests, so I will consider any type of project.  If you have lyrics then I can write a song to fit.  If you only have a vague idea of what you need I can help too.  I will work with you through the entire process, sending you basic drafts of the song as it is written through to the final mastered version.

How much will it cost?

I’ve tried to make my rate card as transparent, accessible and as inexpensive as possible.  Those who need songs written are often singers finding their way in their profession or amateur theatre groups with small budgets.  To make my service as cheap as possible, the ownership of newly written original songs or music will remain with ‘Music and Songs’.  You will retain exclusivity on any newly written material, which means only you will have the rights to the material and that song/music will not be available for any other individual to use. You will also be able to publish the song as part of a play or pantomime and retain unlimited royalty-free usage of the music/song.   If you wish to purchase the song outright and own all the rights, then this would of course cost more.     

How long will it take?

If one of the songs from my back catalogue is appropriate then the transaction will be very quick.  Given a remit for incidental music, it shouldn’t take more than a week to write.  A three minute pop song would take two-three weeks to write and record. An orchestral score could take a bit longer (especially if you need the sheet music!).  It also depends on how many other projects are ongoing at the time of enquiry.  I will try and give you as realistic a time-scale as possible at the moment of first enquiry.  We can always come to a mutually agreeable arrangement depending on the urgency and complexity of your request.     

How easy is it to get in touch?

You can contact me through this website using the webform on the front page.  Once I’ve received your initial enquiry I will forward you my e-mail address but  I’m also on twitter and facebook if that’s easier for you.  Again, these details will be shared with you after your initial enquiry should you need them.

When do I pay?

You won’t pay until you’re happy with the finished project.  Once you’ve received the music or song and it fits exactly with your remit, payment would then be due.

What do I get for my money?

Each project is different but most involve the delivery to you of an electronic music file (usually an MP3, AIFF, WAV or WMA file), a lyric document (in word format), Sheet music in hard copy or as a .TIF file (an image file which you can print out), or Sibelius file.  If you want the file delivered to you by post on a CD, this is also possible.